Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday 2009 and Grandma's 96th Birthday

Hope everyone enjoyed a nice holiday. We spent Christmas Eve feasting at L. and J.'s in Burlington, Christmas day feasting at my parents' place and then the past two days feasting in restaurants while shopping like maniacs. Not as many deals to be had as other years, but I did manage to cover a lot of ground and pick up a couple things. My Mom got me this yummy Foley + Corrina City Tote on super sale at Specchio for a Christmas present. I can't seem to have enough handbags and shoes. Tomorrow I need to do a purge in the closet so I don't feel so bad!

I went nuts with raffia and kraft paper bags this year, but I did wrap a couple boxes in proper wrapping paper.
Here are a couple nice trees spotted around town. Above is a tree of lights in Cumberland Park in the heart of Yorkville and below is the shimmering Swarovski crystal tree at the Eaton Centre.

Today is our Grandmother's 96th birthday! Here I am with cute Gran just before the dinner celebration and before my camera battery gave out. I'll have to wait for everyone else's photos with more family. She's wearing a faux pearl and Swarovski crystal necklace that I made her. It goes with a matching ring and bracelet. It seems a lot of her jewels have gone missing at her retirement home, so she needed some new gems! The necklace looked lovely with her new sweater from Aunt I.!

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