Friday, December 4, 2009

Two more days to visit the One of a Kind Show!

It has been a busy 9 days so far and I'm sure the last two will be bustling. There are only 20 days remaining until Christmas!

Come by and visit my pretty booth! MoonRox is in booth Z-15. Here's the coupon one more time to get admission tickets to the One of a Kind for only $9! Use coupon code AD24h6e when purchasing your tickets online.

Here are some snapshots from the past few days.

I picked up this super cute recycled sweater octopus ornament from SLO. She is one of the 6-day exhibitors in Booth O-22. Check out her One of a Kind profile HERE.

And here are some more views of the MoonRox booth and the goodies in it!

See you soon!

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