Monday, December 7, 2009

One of a Kind Show round-up and loot!

The One of a Kind Show wrapped up yesterday. I cannot believe I have been doing the Show for so many years now. I think this was 9th Christmas Show! Thanks to everyone who came by the MoonRox booth. I really appreciate the support! I am also extremely thankful to all the friends and fam that helped out (and to those that offered to help out) with set-up, take-down and working the booth! I would not have gotten through the 11 days with my mental state intact without your help!

Now here is a series of photos of the goods that came home with me from the show!
I coveted this bag by HOI BO last year. It's hand-waxed with pure beeswax and smells great too. It's the perfect size and I love that it has both hand-held and shoulder carrying options. I was hemming and hahhing over this and then J. and I ran into a woman at Starbucks carrying one that was a year old. She was still very pleased and the bag looked better with age, so I was convinced. Thanks to my Sis for the early Chrissy present.

I got these beautiful lemongrass scented soaps from Sultry Suds. They are almost too pretty to use! They smell divine! Between the bag and these soaps, my home smells fantastic!

Got these two guys from Monster Factory. In the back is Mr. Jefferson and in the front is Mr. Creeps. They are just too cute!! They may get gifted eventually, but I'll admire their cute faces for now.

These juniper coasters came from Stinson Studios. They are made from 60-year old (I think that's what they said) recycled fence posts. I love the rough look of them. Plus, I am constantly drinking something and have already wrecked most surfaces around my home, so these will come in handy.

This pouch is by Track and Field Designs. It's big enough to use for make-up or any bits and bobs. I thought it was pretty sweet. They also had great laptop cases, that I think I mentioned before on this blog, as well as pins and mittens.

I picked up this cuff by dconstruct Jewelry. It's made from 40% recycled resin. I still like to buy a piece of other people's jewellery here or there! I'm sure I will get a lot of wear out of this.

Now here are some goofy pics of my new head gear. Don't mind my tired face, but you can see these items better when they are worn! I am beyond exhausted from the past few weeks.
This is a boiled wool hat by Julie Sinden. It has a little pouf of recycled fur incorporated on the side. I like to wear it with the other side slightly turned up.

These crazies are recycled fur ear muffs by Rachel .f. I had been looking for a pair to replace my tattered and well-loved old ones from the Bay. These just make me happy because they are so ridiculous.

We had our first snow (as in a couple flakes) this week here in Toronto after an unseasonably warm November. I'm sure my noggin is going to be kept warm this Winter with my new goodies!

And lastly, here are some beer bottles transformed into beer glasses! Pretty cool, no? They are by the husband and wife behind Artech Studios.

I gave myself today to sort things out and return my home and work space to reasonable order. Now it is time to catch up on custom orders and with wholesale customers. Busy, busy time of year!

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