Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter goodness

It's the last weekend before Christmas. All but a few odd things of my pre-holidays MoonRox frenzy have been taken care of and I'm ready to relax! These are perfect days for spending time with friends and family.

The first photo is a random shot of the back side of the window display at Anthropologie in Yorkville. On Thursday I had lunch with the 'rents and then roamed around with my Mom. I just have a thing for the tissue pom-poms, and when I saw that the whole store window was filled with them, I could not resist taking a photo. Lately when shopping, I find I like display and merchandising items/ideas better than the actual merchandise a lot of the time.

The second picture is of the box of gorgeous cookies and treats that I received from L. last night! So pretty and delicious too! Yummeee!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

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