Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Japanese masking tape!

Before the One of a Kind Show I was looking for some cute packaging to use at the Show. I decided to use plain kraft paper notion bags with stickers with my company logo on them. Then I wanted some special way to seal the bags. I came across this masking tape made from washi paper and made in Japan. I got about 10 rolls online from since I could not decide on only a few. Every time I have sealed a bag, it has made me happy! It's lovely stuff!

Then I decided I needed a special way to have them at the ready. I found this handmade wooden tape dispenser and purchased it from Happy Tape. I have yet to receive it as I ordered it too late, but I am still very excited about it!
The Happy Tape Blog features so many creative ways to use the tape. I'm looking forward to thinking of more!

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Madoka said...

I am in love with these tapes. I can use them everywhere and on anything! I got mine from a store called "littlehappythings1" on Etsy. They are new, but their price is the best so far as I know and the owner is very sweet to deal with. If anyone is interested, you can check here:
I have a boxful of tapes but I still can't get enough of them!

jc said...

I too am addicted to washi tape, but didn't know about the dispenser. I need one that takes up less room than the wooden one. For now it's a free-for-all in a basket.

MoonRox said...

I have added more and I too have a free for all pile! Too pretty, that tape!


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