Thursday, December 31, 2009

For Aunt L.: Making an appliquéd sweater

I picked up an inexpensive plain-coloured wool sweater and found some co-ordinating floral fabric.
In this case, it was a gorgeous (but way too tiny to wear) cheongsam that my Aunt G. gave me to recycle. It felt awful pulling apart the amazing handiwork. I cut out some shapes and laid them on the chest of the sweater to decide on arrangement. When satisfied with my cuttings, I sealed the raw edges with some fray check and then pinned the pieces to the sweater. In the meantime I found some embroidery floss that went well with the floral pattern.
With a large-eyed needle, I hand stitched the fabric flowers to the sweater. I wasn't terribly careful and I think that's part of the charm. In some areas, I followed the shapes of flowers and stems and in some areas I made sure to tack down loose edges of the fabric.
Et voilà! A lovely appliquéd sweater! One last finishing touch to be done -- I am going to change the buttons and then it will be complete! I am excited to give it to Aunt L. on the weekend. I was behind and did not have it completed on Christmas. What a bad niece!

Anyhow, I was so pleased with how it turned out that I chased all over town to look for the same sweater for me. I'm going to make myself one!

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