Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bluish behaviour

I like to work through the day and run my errands in the afternoon. Today I went to pick up some materials for a pair of custom earrings for a wonderful customer and along my way I snuck into Urban Outfitters for a moment, which inspired me to peruse their website. Here are some things I liked.

Odd that I picked out several blue things. I've had an aversion to blue since wearing a navy school uniform. I do like it on other people... I was just with a couple friends from high school the other day and we noted that despite being over a decade and a half since those school days, none of us can really bring ourselves to wear navy. Recently I have included navy blue in my work and I am inviting it back into my life even if it is only a few small beads hidden amongst other materials! It's a slow and steady recovery from the trauma suffered! Welcome back to my world, blue.

Okay, things are almost back to normal around here after the One of a Kind Show. I have sent out a few of the special orders and have a few more to go! Back to work...

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