Sunday, April 17, 2011

Miscellaneous pics of the week

What is with this weather we have been having? So all over the place...

The cold chilly weekend went by too quickly and I'm not feeling at all rested! Really didn't appreciate the s n o w and lashing winds!? Wish I was more productive this weekend... feeling a huge creative itch and should not really squander those moods, but there are always more days ahead! I did manage to spend some quality time with friends and fam!

Here are some random pics from my week. Seems I did a lot of eating a drinking, but really the past week was very busy work-wise too.
Ice cream treat with B....
Impromptu sidewalk concert by Choir! Choir! Choir!
Colourful bunch of tulips...
Mexican feast with Mr. and Mrs. B....
(Come visit more often!!)
Chicken lollipop!?
Dim Sum with family and close friends...
Daytime cocktails and brunch with J.Mo.
(So good...)

Seems I am pretending we are in a warm climate lately. The weather had better improve! Looking forward to a good week. Night!

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