Saturday, September 19, 2009

24 hours spent up north

Well, we weren't that far up north. A. and I went up to Collingwood so we could visit G. and A.'s Granny at her retirement home. While up there, we drove by some of the damaged homes from the tornadoes a few weeks back. So sad to see them.

In the evening we drove through Meaford on our way to dinner. The town was decked in autumnal goodness! Every street lamp post had pumkin-headed dudes hanging from them in the most hilarious poses.

We had dins at Ted's Range Road Diner, which was DELICIOUS! We could not stop ranting and raving about our meal. We did halvsies on a prime rib with Yorkshire pudding and a sea bass wrapped in rosti. The photos below do not do it justice. Both were cooked to perfection. The prime rib was tender and perfectly flavoured in a peppercorn sauce. The Yorkshire pudding was lovely. The fish was moist and flaky while the rosti was crispy and delicious. The sides were ideal compliments. (Ranting and raving continues...)

The place was just one big ball of hokey goodness. Yum.... will have to go back there soon!

Then we headed back through Meaford and went back home to A.'s parents' place. I still can't believe how much effort has been put into the decorations around town.
After one more visit with Granny the next day, we were on the road back to Toronto again. Stopped at Lynn's Attic where I picked up some sparkly fabric with which I plan to make a skirt. The place is busting at the seams with all sorts of finds. It's on the property of a former motel, so even all the former motel rooms are filled with furniture to root through. Craziness!
Now I am back in the city. Off to the Queen West Art Crawl to check things out.

Happy weekend-ing!

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