Sunday, September 20, 2009

Biz cards

I just wanted to share how awesome I think VistaPrint is! On Tuesday night I ordered 1000 business cards. I always get my cards from VistaPrint so I just had to re-order. I chose glossy and premium card stock and added a colour backside. (The colour is jumpy in the pic above as it's in CMYK.) Along with the cards, I picked out a bunch of their free products. I got a pad of note paper, 10 thank you cards, a pad of sticky notes, 140 return address labels and a pen! And... all of these were personalized! I chose the slow 21 day shipping option and all together it came to $56.65 USD. I use the US site even thought they have a Canadian site as I have found the prices are better. Anyhow, the crazy part is how they came in lightning fast time. They were all waiting for me when I came back from Collingwood on Friday! FAB! I was down to 5 lonely business cards, so they are here in perfect time.

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