Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some recent faves

There is no particular theme here, but here are a few of my recent favourites found on Etsy. It's always fun to do some perusing... actually, it's addictive!

Jello Print by mrsloaf. This print is the best! This one has a hair, razor blade and a button trapped in the Jello. There is another variation with a pill, ring, hair and key buried in orange Jello. I am not sure which I like better...

Custom Tea Dress by sohomode. I don't think this print is still available, but on her blog, the designer showed a series of these done in different prints for bridesmaids at a wedding and they looked so cute all together. I always love a good Summer dress. This dress makes me want to savour these fleeting days of Summer even more.

Bubble Chandelier by jeanpelle. Yes, I am still on a quest for the perfect dining area lighting. It might be a never-ending quest as I am very indecisive about it for some reason. This chandelier is a good option as it has a whimsical and vintage inspired feel which I am into. It is also very neutral, emits warm might and is not too fussy. I especially love the cotton cord accent.
Hot Dog -- Rufus by showpony. How funny is this guy? And he's useful! You pop him in the microwave (even though it'll seem cruel) and he'll soothe your aches or keep you warm!

Stacking Rings with Bronze Pebbles by tinahdee. These are so simple and dainty with a nice rough or industrial twist. They'd be a great pair of every day rings.

Saddle Shoes Bay Booties by Archangel. These are hilarious! I have bought some crochet baby booties that look like Converse as gifts, but these are next on the list!

Photos were grabbed from each designer's Etsy shop.

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