Monday, September 28, 2009

Crafting a camera case

Aunt L. asked me to set up her new digital camera. She had no idea where the lens was or what the screen did let alone where the memory card (that she was calling a sim card) went. So, since the camera didn't come with a case and I was feeling crafty, I thought I'd fashion one for her. Time was short so I cut a few corners (like ironing) but it turned out pretty well. I chose two green fabrics that I had kicking around, measured the camera and cut out two elongated rectangles.
This is a photo of the strawberry pin cushion I made on a visit with Aunt G. when I was a kiddo. I just found it again! Pretty cute.

So in a few short minutes, I whipped up the camera case... few pins here, a button there, an elastic loop...

a few hand stitches inspired by the strawberry...
and voila! A lovely tweedy camera case! The camera is snug as a bug in there.

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