Thursday, June 4, 2009

Belated birthday gift to my sister

It's almost 3 weeks after her birthday, but I finally gave my sister her gift today. I had an assortment of goodies in a bag, but also gave her this Orla Kiely for Target mug that I got on a cross-border excursion in Buffalo a few weeks back. A., S. and I all gasped and got excited when we rounded an aisle to find a nice little shelf full of fun Orla Kiely drinkware, dinnerware and serveware. We debated a whole lot, but in the end only this mug came home with us. We all really liked these cannisters though...
And, I hemmed and hahhed about getting this 2-tier tray to use as a jewellery display. In the end I decided it was too colourful for a display item, but boy is it cu-ute!

To check out the other wares at Target, go HERE.
To go to the Orla Kiely site, go HERE. You'll find clothes and bags (some of which I like) and stuff like this image!

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