Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking at vintage goods on Etsy

I was perusing the Vintage finds on Etsy. People always seem to find such nice things so I thought I'd have a gander. I don't even particularly like red, but it seems that every gem that I came across was red themed today. Here's some cute stuff.

A Scottie dog Bakelite pin, circan 1940's from greatoldstuff. Look at the dawg's funny litte face! I love Bakelite in all shapes and forms... well, almost all.

It come with plates, cups, and some utensils too! How perfect is that?

Plastic "beaded" purse from readyfreddyvintage. I have a thing for these odd purses. They are not actually beaded but it looks like the plastic knobs are fused to the fabric.

Cute strawberry milk glass sugar dish from grovelanestudio. I've never seen one of these before! It is adorable and looks to be in perfect condition! I'd rather use it as a candy dish than a sugar bowl though.

Here's a RED MoonRox item that is not vintage but I'm putting here just for kicks! It's the Rox Necklace on Ultrasuede. Go HERE for more info or to buy it.

Ok, I'm going to stop poking around Etsy and get back to work now! Hope everyone is having a nice Monday.

All photos in this post are taken from each seller's Etsy shop.

July 24/09 -- Check out for the writings of the studio's proprietor!

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