Friday, June 26, 2009

Easily distracted

I have been known to be easily distracted. On a nice day like today, all I want to do it be outside in the warmth of the sun. Today, I have been easily distracted from work and sun by surfing the internet. Since getting into this whole blogging thing, I have come across a few nice blogs that I could spend hours on... going back deep into the archives. A nice one that has inspired me to work on the packaging of my work has been The Dieline, the self described world's #1 packaging design website. Here are some samples.
A really pretty Albert Menes sardine box,
Some juicy designs for Kleenex,
Sliced Bread notebooks,
Summer Coca-Cola cans,
and lots of witty stuff from

I especially like the coffee cups from Brooklyn Fare and I have always hoarded Coke paraphernalia so I have a definite sore spot for that stuff.

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!

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