Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend round-up

I had a busy weekend! On Friday I went for a quick visit with Mrs. L-O and her 2 girls. This is a snap of the Japanese Maple that shades their front yard.

In the evening, I met up with B. for noodles in Chinatown and a bevvie at Sweaty Betty's before we met up with G. and N. to see the Rizdales play at the Dakota Tavern. I left to go home at a half decent hour so I could wake up in the morning to catch the women's final of the French Open. The match between Safina and Kuznetsova turned out to be not too exciting with Kuznetsova triumphing way too easily. Then I met up with C. and biked up to Dynasty on Bloor for dim sum with the aforementioned G. and N. With our bellies full, we poked our noses into the Gardiner Museum, the ROM and the Park Hyatt to see if any would be suitable wedding venues for G. & N. I'm putting my vote in for the Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner!
Here I am waiting in the lobby of the ROM Michael Lee-Chin Crystal in a Spirit House Chair designed by Daniel Libeskind. I was sporting my new dress from Dagg and Stacey. I'm loving it! It's a gorgeous piece from their Spring 2009 collection.

Then we biked back downtown and stopped for a coffee at the new Dark Horse location on Spadina. Such a lovely coffee spot. I may have to stray from le Gourmand on occasion...

MoonRox Treasure Bracelets and other items on display.
Then we made our way over to the Cryptic Canvas for the Niche Market preview event. By the time we made it there, things had quieted down, but I was told that it was a huge success. It was nice that it was not too hectic so we could have a proper chat with the gallery directors and hear some feedback, all positive, of course. Here are some shots of the space and some MoonRox pieces on display.

Lots of MoonRox head bands and clips.

I have been admiring these glass cupcakes and amazing cake stands. I might crumble and purchase one of these delicious looking things at some point.

After the preview, we hit the Muhtadi International Drum Festival at Queen's Park and then on to a Luminato event, the Traveling Blues at Metro Hall. Luminato, Toronto Festival of Arts + Creativity, runs until the 14th of June.
Today I watched Roger Federer make history by winning the men's final at the French Open (defeating Soderling) before heading out for a stroll. My day was totally made when we accidentally found the red ball of the RedBall Project wedged into the main entrance of Old City Hall. When I flipped through the Luminato guide a couple weeks ago, I thought, all I really want to see is this RedBall by Kurt Perschke. To see the schedule of where the RedBall will be spotted next, see the schedule HERE.

Got a cone from this truck, but I just like the cute illustrations of the old pop cans.

There went another weekend. Aunt L. came over for Sunday dins and we caught up on the week's events and watched the Tony's. I'm beat. I have been working on photos to add more content to my website. I hope to have some items available for sale on the site soon... Lots more to do! In the meantime, I have been adding more to my Etsy shop.

Apologies for the long-windedness today! G'night!


Dagg and Stacey said...

I have to have one of those cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

hey, my next door neighbour actually has a side business painting those cute pictures on the side of ice cream trucks. it's a pretty sweet gig.

D to the I


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