Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fancy lights

For the past several One of a Kind Shows that I have done, I have hung this cheerful string of fancy ball lights across the front of my booth to slightly camouflage the unsightly clip lights and occasionally working halogens. They are colourful and not just your ordinary string of lanterns. Each ball is made of metres and metres of thread. People always ask where I got them and before they even utter the question, we seem to be answering. They came from a store here in Toronto called Clandestino that is no longer in biz.
Anyhow, I just came across a shop called la case de cousin paul, which happens to be in Paris, but will ship here for many Euros. Visit the site HERE. It's a fun site as you can choose your colours and create your own string or take one of the existing combos. A few are pictured below or go HERE to play with colours!

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