Friday, June 12, 2009

Visit to the new AGO

This post is a couple days late and the visit a few months overdue. On wednesday nights the Art Gallery of Ontario offers free admission from 6pm to 8:30. On this past wednesday, it was pandemonium. I am starting to get antsy in crowds as I get older. I felt like I was floating through the exhibits with the masses, but it was WELL worth a visit. I had not been to the AGO since the completion of the Frank Gehry re-design. He has done an amazing job. Here's what it says on the AGO site about the re-design:
The new AGO is Toronto-born Frank Gehry’s first building in Canada and marks the very place where he made the initial connection between art and architecture. Hallmarks of his AGO design connect the city and the Gallery in provocative new ways including, dramatic sculptural staircases, the warmth of Douglas fir, and the extensive use of glass which infuses the galleries with natural light. As you will discover, it is an extraordinary new home for extraordinary new art.
On this visit, I must say I was more mesmerized by the beauty of the formerly mundane building (or maybe I was just too used to seeing it) than most of the actual collections. I'll have to go again when I can better focus on the actual art!

The views of the city from the AGO reminded me of this photo of the downtown skyscape that I recently snapped from my balcony. Some days the city gleams and looks so nice!

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