Thursday, October 20, 2011

Copenhagen -- Day 1

After a day of travel we woke up in Copenhagen!  The Sister had a list of must-see places and the best of the best, was the design mecca -- Illum Bollighus.  Our eyes were darting everywhere, not knowing where to focus... what beautiful thing to look at first.
We were charmed by these Hoptimists.  The Hoptimist was designed by furniture designer Hans Gustav Ehrenreich in 1968.  We had a couple originals in our house growing up.  One big, one small.  Today, I still have the larger one on display in my home.  Not sure if it was the nostalgia or the Hoptimists doing their job and spreading a smile.  The wooden ones are especially nice.
The store was filled with several floors of colourful, new and classic Danish clothing and design for the home.  Drool....
 Even carpet samples looked fabulous there.
 Loved this multi-coloured knobby rug.
 Tactile floor cushions.
 Oodles of lighting options.
The perfect coat rack for me!
View from the top floor.
Very Danish window.
We loved that store!
Found another shop sharing my name!  I look exhausted here... but hopefully not as ramshackle as that awning!
Busy shopping area...  Lots of tourists like us!  
Nuts and dried fruit.
Lovely pedestrian areas.
Made me happy to see bikes galore!  Made me miss my bike.
Walked over to Illum next.  This was more like the department stores we have seen in any city, but still a very nice place.
Later in the afternoon we strolled over to Nyhavn to check out the pretty canal scene and to grab a hot dog.  Can't say that we ate that well in Copenhagen.  Partly because we were always on the go and partly 'cause we didn't see much that tickled the taste buds.  I'm sure it was completely our own fault!
This beautiful old building houses another large department store, Magasin.
Some stylish store fronts...
and beautiful old buildings.
Tried to visit the famed Tivoli Gardens, but it turns out they were closed Sunday to Tuesday, the exact days we were there.  We did see it all lit up and not darkened and deserted like this when we got off the train from the airport the night before.  It had a dreamy glow to it.  Some other time, I guess...

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