Monday, October 17, 2011

Golden Circle: Gullfoss

Have you had enough of my Iceland posts yet?  Just a few more to go!  This was the never-ending day of beauty...  next we arrived at Gullfoss, the Golden Falls.  The glacial water contains sediments that apparently look golden on a sunny day, hence the name. It was massive and powerful and the area mostly untouched by man.  Only noted a small rocky path leading down to a protruding rocky area to get a better vantage point.  It was so refreshing to see a sight like this waterfall without all the signs, safety rails and gaudiness that we are accustomed to seeing at Niagara Falls.  At Gullfoss they have a low rope at about shin level where you should not venture.  I'm sure it is more hazardous, but everyone is very careful.  It it was so nice as a visitor to enjoy a clear view.  And it makes you feel like you are seeing pretty much the same thing as the first person that happened upon this place many years ago...
 This is the view from the protruding rock I mentioned.

Here's the Sister checking things out.
Breathtaking view from way above...
Volcanic rocks!  Or potential jewellery components?

Me, in my Dollarama rain poncho over my coat, running to catch our bus to the next amazing spot.  This photo kills me!

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