Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last day in Reykjavik

It was unfortunate that we got so much rain while we were in Iceland.  There were some other things we would have done had the weather been better, but we opted to spend our last day wandering in Reykjavik.  We were starting to get very familiar with the streets!

For lunch we dined at Fish Market.  It can be pricey at night so we opted for lunch.  The food was excellent.  They have a lovely menu using all local ingredients purchased from local growers and farmers.  We had the most delicious cod served with Jerusalem artichoke, cranberries and celery and a nice selection of sushi and sashimi.  Mmm!
We toddled around and poked into lots of shops before stopping into B5 (a bistro bar that is more loungey café in the daytime) for a hot drink.  It can be exhausting to shop while fighting the elements all day!
MoMo and MOMO!  This gear seemed to work for the weather -- two sweaters and a down vest and then a shell.  Also had a hat, scarf and gloves on.  Halfway through our visit, we followed the lead of the locals and abandoned the attempt to use umbrellas.  It's too gusty!
Last stop before dinner was GK Reykjavik.  The shop is filled with wares from Icelandic and select international designers.  A lot of niiice things in there...
We had a great time in Iceland.  We have both already said we would definitely go back.  The people are kind and the land is stunningly gorgeous.  Loved it!

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