Friday, October 14, 2011

Golden Circle: The Bowl -- Kerið

Our next day in Iceland was the craziest and most spectacular!  Crazy, because in hindsight, we could not believe that we saw so many amazing and unusual sights all in one day.  Think I will break up our Golden Circle Tour into a bunch of posts so I don't overwhelm you (and myself) with photos.  I'm trying to sort through them without having my memory of the real thing be replaced with images.

In the morning we were scooped up by our bus driver/tour guide and whisked away on a day that we won't forget.

First stop was at Kerið, a volcanic crater.  Mind-blowing to think the Bowl and the surrounding fields are about 6000 years old.  Unbelievable to see so many vivid colours exist naturally in one little spot.
 The area all around was equally stunning and seemed endless.
 Here are a couple shots using Hipstamatic on my phone.
and one of My Friend.  He was there too.

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