Monday, October 10, 2011


Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend!  The weather here was amazing!  Wasn't expecting these 26 degree days in the Fall.  Was out too late on Friday and was also feeling run down from the my trip, so had a pretty relaxed Saturday and Sunday biking, checking out the waterfront and a farmer's market too and generally hanging in the sun.  My Sister and W. had us over for a nice Thanksgiving meal on Sunday.  Our family rarely does Thanksgiving as we are usually scattered about on this weekend and believe it or not this may have the first turkey in our family... ever.  (Usually it's roast beef, or worse -- rotisserie chicken at a restaurant!)

Today I strolled through the mall and saw the sticky note tribute to Steve Jobs.  Amazing to think of how much one man can accomplish.  I like the notes that read "Heaven just needed a new CEO."


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