Friday, October 28, 2011


Here are some pics of life lately...
A birthday celebration...
with delicious bites galore.
Inherited fabric stash.
Earrings ready to be tagged.
El Trompo lunch with good company.
Fun with polish.  Shoddy photo!
A.'s stencil art.
Fabulous local hardware joint, Jacob's.
Artful sweet treats at Nadège.
My Supers.  One of them.

Googley eyed ghost gourd.

Crazy week of work and trying to catch up with a few friends.  Sad that one of my best friends will be leaving for a year if not longer in a few days!  I'm so happy for A. and the opportunity she's been given!  But, we'll have to make sure we make the most of these next few days before she departs!  Hallowe'en weekend... better whip up a costume!

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