Monday, October 24, 2011

Copenhagen -- Day 3

Bear with me!  The travel blogging is almost over and we'll be back to our regular programming here!  These are snapshots of our last day of travel.  We visited the Dansk Design Centre which walked us through a few rooms of iconic Danish pieces.
Grabbed a nice big pot of tea and browsed the gift shop before walking over to Vesterbro.
Passed Central Station on our way.
We felt so relieved to be in an area that was not swarming with tourists.  Vesterbro was a great neighbourhood with so many excellent independent retailers housed in pretty old buildings.  I much prefer these areas.
We loved our afternoon in Vesterbro.  In the eve we walked back to near our hotel to grab some dinner and to get ready for our return home the next day.  In hindsight, our itinerary should have been flipped.  We wished we had gone to Denmark before Iceland as it was a small let down to be in an urban centre of any kind after the high of seeing such amazing natural wonders.  We still had a great time in Copenhagen.  We only had a short time and had no real plan and it was kind of nice.  Mostly we walked and poked around shops, I know... and skipped the tourist requirements like visiting the mermaid and such.  Is that bad?  Felt like this was a good way to get a quick feel of the city and the design excellence the country is famous for.  We'll have to return one day to see some more!

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