Friday, May 1, 2009

Clothing swap and pottery sale

My dear friend A. hosted a clothing swap for a gaggle of girls at her place last night.  She spoiled us with delish treats and bevvies.  I'd never been to a clothing swap...  I brought a huge bag of perfectly good duds that I no longer wear and was happy to unload them on people that will put them to better use!  I also picked up some super cute items thanks to the two S.'s in attendance -- Thanks!  We had a huge pile of unclaimed wearables that will be donated to Sistering (if all goes according to plan) on Monday.

A sample of some of the yummies that were quickly gobbled up.  The chicken at the bottom left was especially lovely.  I'll have to scrounge up to recipe from A.'s Mom to share with anyone who might read this little blog.  It's way yummier than the out of focus pic makes it look!

Apparently our hostess was not suggesting we taste this concoction.  We had to take a photo of her funny sign.

Here are some of the ladies opening up some grab bags full of MoonRox jewellery that I brought.  (Note:  If any of the people pictured would not like this photo up, let me know!)

Today, my friend D. and I went for a nice lunch and a visit to the Potters Studio Sale at 2 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto.  Above is a snapshot of the back area of the studio. We attempted to restrain ourselves, but we did walk away with some nice pieces.  I believe the show runs until Sunday, so check it out if you are in the area.    

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