Friday, May 8, 2009

Some random fun Etsy finds

Merit Badge for "Going out on a Limb" by local Toronto artist leemeszaros (Lee Meszaros)
This is one of a series of merit badges and they are all great little witty wearable works of art. S. and I have checked these out at the One of a Kind Show before, but there are too many good ones to choose from.  

I don't have any babies, but these are too cute! 

I'm saving my pennies for one of these.  It's hard to decide on a colour though.

Many of the valhallabrooklyn bags are super nice!  

These are just hilarious!  Wonder if they'd do a grilled cheese version...

Cute print!  And I always love all sorts of noodles from all types of cuisine!

Note:  All of the above photos were grabbed from the sellers' Etsy shops.  Please let me know if you object to their usage.

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