Sunday, May 24, 2009


I got these Lemon/Lime and Onion Savers last week at a store called Ma Cuisine on Dalhousie Street in Ottawa when I went to drop off new MoonRox jewellery nearby at Workshop Studio & Boutique.  I've tested the Lime and it has been great.  It has kept my lemon fresh as can be for days already. The pearlescent Red Onion looks quite like the real thing.  Mrs. B. picked up a Tomato which looked just as fantastic as the others.  There are other fab fruits & veggies including a Lemon, a White Onion and a head of Garlic.  They are made by Hutzler.  I wasn't able to find them on their website, but found them for sale on  Not sure why, but they just make me happy!

May 26/09 -- Also found the food savers at Kitchen Stuff Plus

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