Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ottawa/Gatineau Visit

I spent the Victoria Day long weekend visiting Mr. and Mrs. B and their two little ones in Gatineau.  We scoped out the sites in Ottawa and hung out with the kidlets.  Mrs. B was my roommate in residence in my first year at Western where I studied Visual Arts.  We have made sure to keep in very regular contact through the years despite living in different cities for the last 11.  She and her hubby now have 2 little boys.  I hadn't met the little one before so I was long overdue for a visit with the cuties!  Thanks to the B. family for everything this past weekend!  

Here are some snapshots of some highlights.  Oh!  We saw a black bear standing up at the side of the road near Gatineau Park (which was also across from a mall that included a grocery store) but I didn't get my hands on a camera before we drove by!

Some shots of the remaining blooms at the Tulip Festival.

A sea of tulips

A lonely yellow bloom.

The very successful and very delicious barbeque beer can chicken.  Had to take a photo of the two of them lined up in the barby!

A stunning view at Gatineau Park (Parc de la Gatineau).  We went for a walk/hike on the trail.  It proved to be a bit long for a tyke that is not yet 3.

A mid-trail photo in Gatineau Park

A view of Capitol Hill from the National Gallery of Canada.  Mrs. B. and I spent a lovely afternoon roaming around the Gallery.  The building is really quite nice and there are many notable art works there.

I sneakily took a photo of the $2,000,000.00 Barnett Newman piece, Voice of Fire.

This is the huge 30 foot tall Spider by Louise Bourgeois that sits in front of the National Gallery

View of the Parliament Buildings.

That's the quick view of my 5 day trip.  Five days seemed to fly by so quickly.  I'll have to visit more often!

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Mr. and Mrs. B said...

Yes, you will have to come back more often....maybe the next time you will be quick enough to take a picture of the bear.


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