Sunday, May 24, 2009

Token Necklaces

The MoonRox Token Necklaces are perfect for all occasions. They come in a whole bunch of different slogans and sayings and you'll find something for everyone. Here are some images of a few.  The Tokens hang from a brass chain that is 18" long and each comes with semi-precious beads and/or brass charms or small lockets.  For more details, click on the photos or go to the MoonRox Etsy Shop.

Slogans on tokens include:
"A Token of Love"
"Je t'aime"
"I love You"
"Wedding Bells"
"I'll Never Stop Loving You"
"Bon Voyage"
"Good Luck"
"Sweet Sixteen"
"Happy Birthday" (with small space to engrave a note)
"Happy Anniversary" (with small space to engrave a note)
"You Are Always in My Heart"
"A Date to Remember" (with small space to engrave a note)
"Dearest Mother"
"Merry Christmas"

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