Friday, May 29, 2009

More Than Just a Yardage Sale

This morning the rain did clear and it turned out to be a really nice day... at least so far. I got to the Textile Museum around 10:30 which is later than I would have liked to join the block-long line-up. It was a madhouse! They had and extra tent this year for the yarn and still all the sale spaces were rammed with keen crafty people!
The yarn tent

People doing the "fill a plastic bag with remnants (lots of good stuff) for $2/bag" in the parking lot next to the Museum.  I did not allow myself to do this as I have yet to use up all the goodies that I picked up in other years.

More goods being unloaded from cube vans by volunteers and people taking a break from the mayhem to check out their new purchases.

Now here's some of what I came home with.  I spent about $30.
A chenille blanket! I always wanted one of these and usually they are too colourful.  This one is mostly white with a touch of pink, so it will look fab on by bed!  It's in the wash as I type!

Canadian Beauty
It's a cute little iron in a red case!

I also got a few books -- 3 from the Make it Yourself series and...
'Traditional Favorites' from the Life series which will go perfectly with...

I'm not sure how many I am missing, but I am always on the lookout for more.  They all have the most amazing fabric covers and great pictures and diagrams inside.

I also picked up a little bit of fabric and a couple pieces of trim!  Now I must put it all to good use!

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