Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Enjoy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day folks! My Mom arrived back in town on Tuesday after a few months away. After wrapping up some working hours, I spent the day sidekicking with Maman. I feel like we spent the day eating, as is often the case in our family. Upon returning home late this evening, I sat down to relax, wind down and surf the net a bit. So, this is what I've done in that time. In honour of our national holiday, I've gone window shopping across the country on Etsy. Here are some goodies that I found.
I just think this is charming. The bear has a sweet face and I like the colours!

A side note on iheartnorwegianwood, I met this lovely lady Angie (designer and model of her product) at the One of a Kind Show last Fall. We had some good chats and I picked up some extremely awesome log pillows for my couch. I'll have to post a photo one of these days, but their velvety goodness just makes me happy! She also makes some cool harnesses. Check out her shop HERE.
These are odd and I like 'em!
These are hilarious. I have found some really great baby gift items on Etsy.

I am always looking for a nice non-business-y laptop case for my big clunky PC that I am hanging onto. This is a good candidate.

That's it for now... I must retire for the night! A demain.
Have a lovely mid-week holiday!

All photos in this post are taken from each designer's Etsy shop.

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