Monday, July 20, 2009

Boston - Day 1

I flew into Boston way too early on Tuesday. Got to the W.'s house before E. even left for work. Got the tour of their lovely home, a brownstone in the South End filled with unbelievable vintage modern furniture and finds. After a good nap, I strolled over to check out the shops on Newbury St.
Following Newbury, I checked out the Boston Public Garden and Boston Commons before I took My Friend to "Cheers" for a photo op. My Friend travels to every place I go. He even goes to some places that my family members go to. He's been to Australia, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Switzerland, New York City, Montreal... and many more places that I cannot think of right now. He is actually a small finger puppet but it's endlessly amusing to pose him so that he looks life-sized. Yes, a bit odd, I know!

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