Sunday, July 12, 2009

A lovely Summer weekend

It was a really nice Summer weekend. 'Twas full of random adventures and good eats -- definitely two of my favourite things. It's getting late, so I'll try not to be too long-winded! Here are some shots from the past few days...

The ROM at night.

Huge collection of garbage at the temporary dumping area at Christie Pits hockey rink. The smell was awful so I shot this through the car window. I feel so badly for the people that reside facing the park. Hope the CUPE strike ends soon...

Enjoyed a nice time at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. I went for a couple hours on Friday and again on Saturday. Got a nice wood (jasper) coaster from Stinson Studios. The grain is so amazing, as is the scent. I'm going to use it as a trivet as it is just big enough. It's made from a reclaimed 60-year old fence post, I think. That's the Stinson family's wood-filled booth on the left. I also own a very nice chopping board from them that I picked up at the One of a Kind Show last Fall.

The previous photo shows New City Hall in the background and this one shows Old City Hall.

After a scorching hot afternoon at the Exhibition, we decided it was a good idea to gather up a few people and head back to A.'s roof-top patio for some of her famous BBQ ribs and cold beers.

Following dins, we visited a couple parties. Visiting a single party is a rarity these days, so this was highly unusual. Thanks to S. and S. for inviting us along to Biggie's party!

Tonight we dined at Canoe for Summerlicious! Thanks to our dear and good old family friends for taking us for this delicious meal! Canoe is one of the city's top restos, so it was a special treat. The food and the service were both excellent, which I guess should be no surprise! It was nice to catch up with everyone.

The views were killer, so I took full advantage!

I could see my home from way up there! It was a perfect clear day to enjoy the views.

Well, it's off to bed for me! Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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