Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fabulous 'n free music

It was a nice mellow weekend! Got to check out some really good music. Went back to City Hall for some more Jazz Festival goodness on Friday with a bunch of folks. We listened in on 'An Evening with Branford Marsalis.'

Then on Saturday, B., T.T. and I saw King Sunny Ade and Femi Kuti. The two amazing Nigerian acts put on some really good shows at Harbourfront. My friends and I have enjoyed the World Routes Summer Festival Series at Harbourfront a great deal over the years. It's a fantastic venue by the water and you get to see musicians of all kinds. I think this weekend was near the beginning of the '09 Summer Series, so there should be many more an evening spent by the water.For every festival, they have a variety of food vendors in the World Cafe tent by the stage. This time, B. and I sampled some momos (fried and steamed meat version) and some Indian food. Couldn't help myself and had B. snap a shot of me, since I am often known as MoMo, in front of the momo vendor's menu. The momos were rather tasty, by the way -- the dumplings, pas moi.
(It's hard to see, but I'm sporting a Dagg and Stacey vest from a few seasons back. I still love it! )
There were huge overflowing crowds for both shows. There's King Sunny Ade waaaaay over there on stage. See the green speck? We managed to score seats for the Femi Kuti show and got a bit closer.
A dim shot of the stage during Femi Kuti's performance.
Today I had a nice morning at home watching the Wimbledon gentlemen's final where Roger Federer triumphed over Andy Roddick in an insane 5-setter for his record 15th grand slam title. Then I met up with J. and A. for some quality patio time at Fabulous Cafe Bar by the bus station. A. and I united our matching Weekend Bags from M0851 and took advantage of the photo op. Then it was off to family dinner and another weekend was quickly rolling to a close. How is it days into July already? Hope everyone enjoyed a nice weekend of sun and fun!

July 20/09 -- Anita posted about our lovely bags HERE...

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