Thursday, July 2, 2009

Log pillows!

Here are my log pillows from iheartnorwegianwood. Not sure if they are still being made, but I love them! Wish I had a whole cabin's worth of them... or a log pile at the very least.

The other pillows are (from left to right on the sofa)
1. a graphic cushion printed and created by Heidi van Veen, 2. a fuzzy and shiny little goody made by me from a felted sweater (It was previously the most hideous beaded thing, but makes a really nice cushion) and 3. a large cushion that I crafted from two pieces of upholstery fabric picked up from the sale at the Textile Museum many years ago.

Update: I hear from Angie that she is still making the logs but under a different label. More info to come in the months ahead.

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