Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nifty bike helmets

S. was telling me about looking for a bike helmet that did not look so bike helmet-y. Then one day I saw a woman ride by with a helmet that looked like a brown tweed hat. This morning I decided to do a little search on the internets! I came across a Danish company called Yakkay. Above is the helmet that you then choose a cover for.
Love this furry number! It reminds me of my furry ear-muffs that are sadly balding. This is the Luzern model in white

and this is the Paris model in Harringbone (sic) shown with the slip on ear warmers.

How cute are these? I'm still looking for more options, but check out the Yakkay website HERE. There are no retailers in Canada, but perhaps one of the shops would ship here.

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