Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crafting eco-friendly shopping bags

Last week I was looking for something that I could bring to the W.s in Boston. I figured that eco-friendly shopping bags for our trip to Brimfield would be a fab idea. I have a few that I keep in my handbag for anytime shopping. I chose Harmony, a nice floral by Diversitex Kingsway for her and chocolate brown Basket Squares by Michael Miller for him.
I kept them really simple for easy folding. Then I added co-ordinating handles and an elastic to keep the bags folded in a tidy package for easy transport.
Now I'm itching to make more!


joanne said...

Those are awesome M! I went thrift hunting and found a bunch of wicked floral vintage cottons yesterday. I am going to make some too!

moonrox said...

Hi Jo! Thanks! Hope all is well in Lethbridge!!


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