Monday, July 27, 2009

Miscellany of the moment

  • Enter the Dagg and Stacey Snapshot contest. I did! You could win a piece from their Spring/Summer 2009 collection. This is not the photo I sent in, but I just came across it. I am wearing a mini-trench by Dagg and Stacey. University Ave. was closed for the Tamil protests in mid-May earlier this year, allowing for sauntering in the streets.
  • Interesting article on Etsy that A. sent along. Click here to read it.
  • I feel like doing some simple block printing after perusing the Urban Outfitters DIY shop. Perhaps this would be a good idea for some new packaging for MoonRox. I would ideally like to phase out the plastic bag use, even if they are bio-degradable.
  • UO also has some nice jewellery display/storage options including this lovely!
  • I was reading the charming blog of Fifi Lapin. The fashion illustrations are just too much!
  • I want to pick up this book! It's a Japanese publication called Stylish Dress Book. There is still some Summer left to wear some comfy dresses, I hope!
  • I am trying to figure out Technorati! I've claimed this blog... now what?
  • I'm listening to CBC Radio 3 while I toil away at my desk...
Ok... no more procrastinating! That's what's on my brain at this very moment. Back to work on the jewellery in progress that is calling for me right now. Happy Monday.

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